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yoga instructor

What is Yoga?

Anne Canada


Sanskrit origin, literally, yoking, from yunakti he yokes;

akin to Latin jungere to join

a system of exercises for mental and physical health

A yoga studio is a space where you can connect with yourself.  If a studio offers a space to connect with self, then practicing out-of-doors takes that connection and expands it.   


Yoga time is your time, and progression is at your body’s pace. Breath and live more deeply, slow your hurried mind, and move to energize your weary self.


Yoga is the practice of giving yourself what you need.


Why outside?  For me it's about taking in the natural world around me as I seek to connect with my own inner nature.  The chaos and noises of the mind settle as I breath in and as I breath out.  There's simplicity and beauty standing under the sky with my feet on the earth.  No walls here.  As I begin to move, to practice without barriers, I find that the barriers within myself disappear.  

Anne Canada

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